Normalized metadata for the Sequence Read Archive

MetaSRA is an annotation/re-coding of sample-specific metadata in the Sequence Read Archive using biomedical ontologies. Currently, MetaSRA labels biological samples with terms in the Disease Ontology, Experimental Factor Ontology, Cell Ontology, Uberon, and Cellosaurus.

Frequently asked questions

How often is the MetaSRA updated?

MetaSRA obtains the raw metadata from the SRAdb project. The MetaSRA will be updated when the SRAdb is updated. The MetaSRA will also be updated when improvements are made to the computational pipeline that performs the annotation.

Does the MetaSRA label non-human samples?

No. At the current time, MetaSRA only contains annotated data for human samples, but future releases will include other species.

Does the MetaSRA have assays other than RNA-seq?

No. The MetaSRA currently only contains RNA-seq samples, but will have other assays in future releases.

How were the samples labelled?

Each sample's raw metadata was annotated using a custom automated computational pipeline. This pipeline is described in detail in the publication.